Photo Preparation

Bulk Photo Scanning is an affordable option for everyone to help them digitize their photographic memories for the future. As Bulk Photo Scanning is based on efficiency of the photo scanning process please follow these instructions carefully to prepare your photos.

Other local services are 3 to 10 times higher in price. Help us keep our prices from rising by following these instructions and ensuring we continue to have an efficient process.

How to prepare your photos.

  • Photos must be loose and not in albums, un-mounted, not torn or bent and free of adhesives
  • Absolutely no Post-It notes, tape, staples, paper clips, envelopes or baggies
  • Photos must be able to bend to be scanned with the high speed photo scanner.
  • Photos that have been stored in adhesive albums (the ones with the clear peel away cover sheet), MUST be cleaned of all adhesive and glue residue. If your photos are not cleaned and stick to each other there will be a additional charges for us to remove adhesive so photos can be scanned. I recommend using a product called Un-do which can be found at any Scrapbooking Store. It is perfectly safe for your photos and does a wonderful job or removing adhesive. It also makes removing photos from these types of albums very easy.

How to organize and package your photos for delivery to Calgary Photo Scanning

  • Photos need to be bundled in reasonably sized bundles and held together with an elastic band.
  • Photos can then be placed in a photo box, shoe box or other box/container with a lid so they can be stored easier. Please label your box/container with your contact information.
  • DO NOT bring your photos in a plastic bag, gift bag, envelopes etc as it makes it more difficult for us to store. The only exception is if you are bringing in 500 or less photos, then simply put an elastic around them and be sure to have an index card with your contact information included at the top of the bundle.
  • Sort your prints and place an index card between groupings so that is easier for you to identify them once they are scanned. Simply record whatever information you want on this card. It will be scanned along with the photos and will be the first image in the series so it will make it easier for you to separate your images. Do not use Post it Notes for this as they will be removed and tossed away.
  • Please have all photos lying horizontally regardless of their orientation (landscape or portrait). Ensure all photos are right side up and facing the same direction. If upside down then the scans will also be upside down. Same for those facing backwards, they will be scanned backwards and you will end up with the back of the photo and not the actual photo. You do have the option of selecting the Photo Rotation option as an additional charge and then all photos will be rotated for you.
  • Small photos (smaller than 2.5 x 3inches) will need to be glued to an index card.
  • Any larger photos can be placed loose on the top of the bundles of photos. Please ensure your box/container will fit all photos. This way we can ensure that your photos stay together and don't get mixed up with other photos.
  • If you are wanting important information scanned with the photos simply write this out on 4x6 index card and place the card with the photos where you would like it and it will be scanned along with the photos (it will count as an addition scan in total numbers)

These instructions are here to help you get organized. The more organized your photos are when you bring them to us the more organized the digital images will be when you receive them.
If you simply toss your photos in a bag or a box there will be additional charges for us to organize them for you.

For a printable version of these instructions please click HERE.

These photos will help you to prepare your photos correctly

Right side up - correct

Correct Orientation of all photos

Upside down - incorrect

Incorrect orientation of photos

Incorrect Packaging

Face down - incorrect

Index Card sample

No Time or simply Not Interested in removing photos from photo albums? No time to organize them and properly package them? No worries.....we've got you covered.

Let us remove the photos for you. If your albums have the openings for photos (sleeve type albums) then we can also put them back into the albums as well. If your albums are the peel back sticky sheet albums then we will not put them back into the album (they are not good for your photos).

If your photos are not organized and just tossed in a box, that's OK we can organize them for scanning for you.

We charge $40 per hour for these services.

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Benefits of Going Digital

Archive a life of photos digitally to preserve for generations to come.

Emergency carryout of your family photos.

Make a secure back up of your photos and store in a different location or on-line.

Divorce, separation – why shouldn’t both of you have a copy of your photos.

Share family photos with your children, parents, siblings, your entire family.

Great gift idea for your family members. Purchase photo gifts like photobooks, mugs, t-shirts etc.

Have your family photos on a digital photo frame.

Finally enjoy watching you old home movies Share your videos with family member.

Gift Certificates

Are you interested in giving the gift of converting photos, slides or video to someone but you just can’t figure out how to get those photos or videos through the front door without being caught.

Now you can give them the Gift of Memories – in digital format as we now offer Gift Certificates in $50 and $100 denominations.