Photo Scanning:

0-500 photos $50
500-1000 photos $100
over 1000 photos will be charged at .10 cents per scan

Options available at additional cost:

  • 600 dpi scan -  $100 for 500 photos ($200 per 1,000 photos)
  • Folders $1 per folder
  • Rotation of photos $25 per 1,000 photos (fee will not be pro-rated, ie. 0-1000 $25, 1001-2000 photos $50 etc).
  • Thick or mounted prints (up to 8x10 size), newspaper clippings, cards etc $0.50 each.
  • Removal of photos from albums $40 per hour (1,000 photos is approx 3-4 hrs)
  • Additional copies of photo disk available for $5 each

Surcharges that may apply to your order:

  • Gluing of smaller/odd shaped photos to index cards Min $20.
  • Removal of adhesive for photos that are stuck together    Min $20
  • Organizing of photos $40 per hour (if required)

 Large Format and Manual Scanning
(all sizes, up to 12 x 17)

  • Large quantity of 8 x 10's - $0.30 per image
  • Manual Scanning $0.50 - $1.00 per image depending on size
  • Photo Albums - $1.50 per page
  • Scrapbook Page - loose pages $1.50 per page
  • Scrapbook Pages – in albums $2.00 per page (includes removal and returning of pages to the album)

 Children’s Artwork

  • $1.50 per full size scan (12 x 17)
  • $0.50 for all smaller scans


Slides $0.50 each slide


Negatives $1.00 per image (not per strip)

Video to DVD
(VHS and camcorder tapes)

  • $10 for a one hour video tape (one hour or less of video)
  • $20 for a two hour video tape (two hours or less of video)
  • Tapes that have more than 2 hours of video will be charged $10 per one hour increment of video
  • $10 per dvd for conversion to a file format you can edit
(cost is for each new dvd created from video - your file is supplied on a separate DVD - file format good for PC's or Mac)

Celebration DVD

  • Basic $100
  • Deluxe $150


Memorial DVD
($50 rush fee is incorporated into the pricing due to the nature of a Memorial DVD)

  • Basic $150
  • Deluxe $200


Photo Restoration

Tears, cracks, dust and minor damage corrected
$40.00 per hour

(if facial features are affected by the damage they may not be able to be fixed)

Please allow 2-3 weeks for your work to be completed. Large orders will take longer.

RUSH orders required within one week will be charged a $50 RUSH FEE.

Not all RUSH orders will be able to be accommodated - please inquire prior to booking.

Please note:

  • Refunds are not available as disks can be easily copied at home.
  • There is a minimum charge of $20 for any work to be completed

We will make all efforts to ensure you are happy with the services provided by
Calgary Photo Scanning

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Benefits of Going Digital

Archive a life of photos digitally to preserve for generations to come.

Emergency carryout of your family photos.

Make a secure back up of your photos and store in a different location or on-line.

Divorce, separation – why shouldn’t both of you have a copy of your photos.

Share family photos with your children, parents, siblings, your entire family.

Great gift idea for your family members. Purchase photo gifts like photobooks, mugs, t-shirts etc.

Have your family photos on a digital photo frame.

Finally enjoy watching you old home movies Share your videos with family member.

Gift Certificates

Are you interested in giving the gift of converting photos, slides or video to someone but you just can’t figure out how to get those photos or videos through the front door without being caught.

Now you can give them the Gift of Memories – in digital format as we now offer Gift Certificates in $50 and $100 denominations.