Slide Preparation

Slides will be scanned at a minimum of 2400 dpi.

Types of Slides that can be scanned

135 Slide (35mm Slide)

126 slide

127 slide

110 slide

What is Accepted

  • Slides in Kodak Carousels are accepted (80 slide or 140 slide carousels)
  • Slides bundled in groups of approximately 25-40 slides
  • Slides mounted in either cardboard or plastic mounts (regular thickness).
  • Extra charges will apply for slides mounted in metal brackets, extra thick plastic mounts, or medium format mounted slides. ($0.75 per slide for these items)

Additional Charges will apply for slides not submitted as above. Examples are:

  • Slides in any carousel other than Kodak
  • Slides in slide trays, small slide boxes, in sleeves etc.
  • Unmounted slides, uncut rolls of slide film, medium format unmounted slides
  • Negatives can be scanned but there is a higher cost to this process. Please contact us if you are wanting to have negatives scanned.

Preparing your Slides - loose slides

  • Remove all slides from carousel, boxes, sleeves etc.
  • Group slides together based on the 4 types of slides as shown above. If slides are mixed together you will not get a proper scan of your slide as the scanner is set up to scan based on one type of slide at a time.
  • Group them in batches of about 25-40 and rubber band them together. If you number the batches then they will be scanned in consecutive order based on bundle number.

Preparing your Slides – for slides in Kodak carousels

  • All slides need to be in landscape orientation regardless if the image is landscape or portrait. The portrait photos will be rotated after they are scanned.
  • Slides can remain upside down and backwards the way the Kodak system requires you to load them. All images will be rotated and flipped once scanned. If your slides were not in the carosels correctly to begin with them your images may be scanned as a mirror image (writing etc is backwards) but you can flip this on your own through any photo viewing software.
  • Try to group slides together based on the 4 types of slides as shown above to ensure you get the best possible scan of your slides.


Slides should be prepared and organized according to our instructions
or additional costs may be applied.

For a printable version of these instructions please click  HERE


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